The BRUTAL truth about terror suspect Salman Abedi. You WONT BELIEVE what his OWN family had to say about him!

The continuing investigation into Salman Abedi, the suspected suicide bomber from the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England has revealed numerous warning signs leading up to the attack.

As what is becoming a routine fact of life in our leftist-influenced culture bereft of any sense there were obvious red flags popping up all around Abedi. As with attacks like the ones in Orlando and San Bernadino, it seems they went unheeded, or ignored completely, thus paving the way for Abedi to slaughter children at a concert.

From NBC News (emphasis in bold is mine):

Salman Abedi, the 22-year-old British man believed to have killed 22 people in a suicide-bomb attack, had ties to al Qaeda and had received terrorist training abroad, a U.S. intelligence official told NBC News on Tuesday as the United Kingdom raised its terrorist threat level to the highest category.

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The U.S. intelligence official, who has direct knowledge of the investigation, said Abedi, whose family is of Libyan descent, was identified by a bank card found in his pocket at the scene of the explosion after an Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena. The identification was confirmed by facial recognition technology, the official said.

Abedi had traveled to Libya within the last 12 months, one of multiple countries he had visited, the official said. And while he had “clear ties to al Qaeda,” the official said, Abedi could have also had connections to other groups.

This happens over, and over, and over, and over again. It’s has almost become routine that when there’s a terror attack the perpetrator(s) are almost invariably displays most or all of the following:

  1. Muslim
  2. “Known” to law enforcement/intelligence communities
  3. Display a pattern of behavior that merits greater investigation
  4. Ends up having some sort of relationship with a larger terrorist network, even if it’s just as “harmless” (I couldn’t meant that in a more sarcastic way) as an internet search.
  5. Living in cultures, like Great Britain, that tolerate this nonsense to the point where you have to wonder if they’re asking for it.

The last thing on that list was set apart because it’s the worst point of all, and it’s the one that never ceases to enrage me.


Members of his own family had even informed on him in the past, telling British authorities that he was dangerous, according to the intelligence official.

His OWN FAMILY, reported on this guy! This is on top of everything else they already knew about him. Yet, he was STILL allowed to build a sophisticated bomb (see below), strap it on, and take it to a concert.

The U.S. official said Abedi’s bomb was “big and sophisticated,” using materials hard to obtain in Britain — meaning “it’s almost impossible to see he didn’t have help.”

The reckless policies of the left have created this mess decades ago. The white guilt and self-righteous posturing of social justice warriors who want to lie to themselves and everyone else about the realities of terrorism against western culture from cultures like the one Abedi hails from is directly responsible for allowing these attacks to happen.

Not all Muslims are terrorists. Many on the right don’t want to believe this, but Abedi’s family informing on him prove this is unequivocally true. That said, the West’s efforts to “correct” perceptions of who is perpetrating these types of attacks almost exclusively, and in the face of insurmountable (yet ignored) evidence has been and continues to be cultural suicide.

Put more succinctly, the blood of terrorism victims is on the hands of the left, especially apologists for radical Islam (i.e. Barack Obama, for starters).

The worst part of all of this is that DEAD CHILDREN aren’t even enough to make this the turning point the West desperately needs. As Silence is Consent reported yesterday on a statement from air-headed pop star Katy Perry’s call for MORE open borders, liberals are learning nothing from these attacks.

What will it take? What?!

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