Actor Dean Cain Confronts Tom Arnold for Calling Him Racist – Guess Who Backed Down [VID]

In perhaps the most mismatched confrontation in Hollywood history, ‘Superman’ actor Dean Cain confronted actor Tom Arnold over his tweet that labeled the conservative actor a “fake Christian” and a racist. And it was caught on video.

Cain and Arnold were appearing at Larry King’s studio this week to promote their respective projects, Cain promoting his film Gosnell, and Arnold promoting his Vice show about “lost” Trump tapes. In an incident caught on video, Cain confronted Arnold over a tweet he made calling Cain racist.

“I’m not a racist person; I never have been,” an angry Cain is seen telling Arnold in the video (posted below).

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In a tweet posted September 22, Arnold said “@RealDeanCain is another @realDonaldTrump loving fake Christian coward which makes Dean Cain anti-LGBTQ & racist. #complicit.” Arnold was upset that Cain had appeared at an event sponsored by the Family Research Council, a Christian group often criticized as bigoted by liberal activists for their stand for traditional values.

“Tom, you’re a cowardly, slanderous weasel,” Cain tweeted in response, who gained iconic status in the ABC show “Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.”

In the video, Arnold is seen calling the Family Research Council “Nazis,” and claimed they were harming LGBTQ children. “I’ve always supported gay rights….You’re giving me guilt by association,” Cain said, while defending the FRC.

The two finally ended their argument without coming to blows, and actually hugged at the end. Later, Cain tweeted about the confrontation “He called me #racist and said I was anti-LGBTQ. Totally untrue. After I confronted him, he backed down. That’s how it always seems to work.”

He then posted a screenshot of Arnold’s tweet, which has mysteriously disappeared.

Later, Arnold blasted Cain, and his movie Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer, which tells the story of the abortion doctor’s arrest and trial.

“I didn’t back down,” Arnold said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “I was giving him a break by not assuming he was stupid about the FRC, which I do liken to Nazis, and now I see he’s one of them.”

He referred to the pro-life movie Gosnell as “a sh*t-f**king movie.”

He then claimed he was ready to fight Cain. “He played this icon, Superman, but he’s an idiot. If he wanted to fight, I took my glasses off for him. He’s a fucking pussy. Next time I see him we’ll get it going and his buddy can film it.”

Actor Nick Searcy, who directs Gosnell, tweeted a response.

Here is the video.

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