ANTIFA Takes Over Portland Streets, Attacks Drivers – and The Media Defends Them [VID]

Antifa protesters in Portland, Oregon have taken over the city’s streets, blocking traffic and attacking drivers in isolated cases.

The protests come after a local man was shot and killed by Portland police, and authorities have decided to take a “hands off” approach to the demonstrations. Local media has also taken a sympathetic stance towards the protests, downplaying the lawbreaking, and instead, portraying them as victims.

In a video circulating online (and included below), Antifa members are seen verbally attacking a driver who was merely passing through. After blocking traffic, the protesters see that the driver’s license plate is from North Carolina, and then proceed to call him “whitey” and accuse him of being in the KKK.

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The harassment of other drivers without provocations continues for several minutes, with no sight of police to restore the peace.

In another video (also posted below), a man who is attacked in his car tries to push through protesters blocking a street. They then begin to attack his car, and according to media reports, he reported the incident to police.

According to KGW in Portland, police admit to taking a “hands off” approach to the protests, and are even investigating the possibility that the protesters may be victims themselves. In this excerpt from the KGW report, read the quotes from police carefully.

Video shot by Brandon Farley showed a car pushing through the crowd near Southwest 4th Avenue and Madison Street, minutes after marching protesters stopped traffic. The driver of a Lexus sedan turned right, hitting one protester who was pushing back on his car. The group then chased after him and some hit the car with batons. The driver briefly stepped outside, then got back in and drove off.

Police said the driver filed a police report claiming protesters did around $3,000 in damage to his car.

“The driver of the vehicle reported that he was also shoved during that interaction,” said Portland Police Sgt. Chris Burley.

Burley said police were investigating the case but that so far, none of the protesters involved has contacted investigators.

“If you are those people, we want to talk to you,” said Burley. “You are potentially the victim of a crime and no investigation is a full investigation until we’re able to talk to everybody involved.”

Some have asked why police didn’t step in when the protesters stopped traffic. Burley said the police bureau’s inaction came after much consideration, including how best keep the public safe.

“From past experience, the Police Bureau recognizes introducing officers into some of these events can have the opposite effect of what we want it to have,” said Burley.

Here is video of protesters attacking a driver and calling him “whitey,” simply for being from North Carolina.

This is the video of the man being attacked in his car as he tries to flee those attacking his car. Note how the tweet by KATU says the victim “plowed through” the protesters, as if he was the instigator.

This second angle shows the protesters were clearly the aggressors.

KATU was called out for their portrayal of the protesters as victims.

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