Berkeley Wanted Cops Banned from Campus Bathrooms: ‘It Triggers the Students’

An anti-police environment at UC Berkeley in California has led to perhaps the lowest insult to law enforcement there is: campus police were asked not to use the public bathrooms, to avoid offending students.

The request was revealed in an email sent to Carol Christ, the chancellor at UC Berkeley, and was sent by a 25-year veteran of the campus police department, who used the email to highlight the hostile atmosphere endured by police from students, faculty, and administrators.

The email, sent nearly a year ago, was obtained through a Freedom of Information Act and published by the Young America’s Foundation (YAF). The name of the officer who wrote the email is redacted, but outlines how officers, on campus to protect students, were treated as hostile enemies and second-class citizens.

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At the time, numerous violent protests had been held at Berkeley, when conservative writers were supposed to speak. The violence perpetrated by the protesting students was allowed by administration, who in turn did nothing to support campus police in their efforts.

The YAF website reported on the contents of the email.

The email, dated September 28, 2017, was sent to Chancellor Christ in the wake of several events at UC Berkeley where campus police were called in to ensure the rule of law remained intact. While on-duty protecting students and the Berkeley campus, “the Police Department was asked not to use any restrooms inside the Student Union building as it was upsetting some students” according to the email obtained through YAF’s Censorship Exposed project.

“I find this offensive and unacceptable,” continues the UCBPD officer. “The very notion that [Berkeley] would restrict Police Officer[s] and employees from using a publicly accessible restroom, in a publicly accessible building is unconscionable. How can we foster a sense of community policing when the campus community, that we work hard to protect, has such disdain for us as fellow human beings,” the email continues. “If we treated a member of the campus community in this way we would most certainly be held accountable and rightly so.”

While it is not said in the email who ordered police not to use the restrooms, it is likely someone in authority on the university staff, for the incident to prompt a letter to the chancellor.

The email continues with an appeal for humane treatment of the campus police.

“Chancellor when do we get to be a part of this campus community? We have done nothing to warrant the dehumanizing and bullying behavior that we and our partner agencies experienced… We simply tried our best to protect the students, faculty, and staff, as we do on a daily basis, from any possible harm.”

The officer closes with a heartwrenching plea asking for “an understanding that we too are human beings and that we look forward to the day that we are accepted into the campus community.”

The incident in question, which reportedly happened during the university’s annual “Free Speech Week,” comes with other allegations that Berkeley catered too much to Antifa protesters who ran amok at the time.

Those allegations also included charges that university administration ordered campus police to stand down during protests, a charge they denied.

There has been no known public response by UC Berkeley administration to the Berkeley Campus Police Department.

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