Beto O’Rourke Caught Lying About His DUI Arrest – But The Media Ignores It [VID]

During the Texas Senatorial debate between Ted Cruz and Beto O’Rourke on Friday (9/21), the Democrat had to answer for one of his past sins, and in the process, contradict police reports about the incident.

In 1998, Beto O’Rourke was involved in a car crash, and was subsequently arrested on a DUI charge.

O’Rourke has attempted to explain the incident as a youthful indiscretion, but the media has downplayed two key aspects of the story: the first, that he actually caused an accident, and two, that he tried to flee the scene of the crash afterward, and had to be stopped by a witness.

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The Houston Chronicle reported that O’Rourke “lost control and hit a truck, sending his car careening across the center median into oncoming lanes. The witness, who stopped at the scene, later told police that O’Rourke had tried to drive away from the scene.”

“I did not try to leave the scene of the accident, though driving drunk, which I did, is a terrible mistake for which there is no excuse or justification or defense,” O’Rourke said when questioned during the Friday debate.

However, the official police report states otherwise. Fox News cited the police report in a recent article.

“The driver attempted to leave the accident but was stopped by the [witness],” a police officer wrote, according to the police report.

The witness, who also called 911, reportedly “turned on his overhead lights to warn oncoming traffic and to try to get [O’Rourke] to stop,” the report continued.

This was the first time O’Rourke has challenged reports of the incident. Last month, he acknowledged that he “drove drunk and was arrested for DWI in 1998.” He didn’t deny he tried to flee the scene.

And yet, when confronted about the incident during the debate, O’Rourke denied he tried to run.

Here’s the video it is cued to the point in the debate where he issues the denial, about thirty minutes in.

That statement earned some criticism from conservatives online, who wondered why there wasn’t more media attention placed on the obvious contradiction.

Twitchy posted the best response.

Instead, the media jumped on O’Rouke’s “true to form” comment at the end of the debate, which his campaign used as a hashtag.

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