Border Patrol Finds 275 Pounds of Marijuana in an SUV – Next to a Baby (VIDEO)

U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents in the Texas border town of Brownsville pulled over a suspicious vehicle, and found 275 pounds of marijuana inside – packed right next to a baby in a car seat.

According to reports compiled by The Daily Mail, Border Patrol agents received a call on April 12 about a suspicious white SUV being loaded with large suspicious packages. The SUV was located at a Brownsville golf course that runs along the U.S./Mexico border, and it has become known as a “smuggling corridor” to authorities.

When agents stopped the SUV, they found several large bundles of marijuana packed inside, including a large bundle in the back seat, placed right next to a baby boy in a car seat. In all, 275 pounds of marijuana were found in those bundles.

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Border Patrol arrested the two adults in the SUV: Carla Michelle Resendiz, 47, and her daughter, Ashley Renee Resendiz, 22. The pair were charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, as well as conspiracy to possess marijuana.

The mother/daughter smuggling duo has not provided any insight into the incident, but their amateur tactics indicate they were likely pawns used by drug cartels to move illegal drugs into the United States. They also did not reveal how they thought they could avoid detection with the drugs in plain sight. It appears their “Baby on Board” sign, which hung on the rear window, did not deter suspicion.

drug smuggling

Officials have not confirmed if the baby was related to the pair. They also say that they were able to retrieve text messages on the phone of Carla Resendiz that confirmed the details of the drug shipment pickup.

Carla Resendiz was eventually released on bond, but is forbidden from having any contact with her daughter. Ashley Resendiz, however, waived her right to a hearing, and remained in jail. She will stay there until trial, which is an unusual step if, in fact, the baby in the car belongs to her. Authorities said the baby boy was placed in the custody of relatives, but they were not identified. The age of the baby was also not revealed.

The incident is only the latest to show that the border is not as secure as some may insist, with the flow of drugs continuing unimpeded. The idea that amateur drug smugglers could move hundreds of pounds of marijuana into the United States, and nearly get away with it, shows greater border security is a necessity.

Here is local news coverage of the drug smuggling incident.

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