BUSTED! Obama ALSO had a private meeting with Putin in 2015 – WE HAVE THE PROOF! (Must See Photo)

With the media’s new daily outrage over something President Trump has done, it is important to put his action in context with his predecessors. While the media tries to find a nefarious motive for Trump’s private discussion with Vladimir Putin, they overlook the fact that President Obama did the exact same thing, just two years ago.

In reality, Obama met with Putin and had at least two private conversations with him. That we know of. One was actually captured in a photo.

Michael Crowley, the Senior Foreign Affairs Correspondent for Politico, tweeted out this picture from 2015, when President Barack Obama attended the G20 summit in Turkey. Reportedly, Obama wanted to show he still had a handle on leading the free world, so his aides asked Putin’s aides for a sit-down meeting.

Putin agreed, and he sat with Obama in the lobby of their hotel and chatted, each with one advisor to join them. The media had no problem with a face-to-face, off-the-record meeting between the presidents of the United States and Russia. At least, not when one is a Democrat.

Obama met with Putin

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In 2016, Fox News reported that Obama and Putin also met “on the sidelines” at a G20 meeting over a number of issues, including the Ukraine.

Here is Michael Crowley’s tweet.


Yes, that is Susan Rice sitting in on the meeting as the only other American to hear the conversation. If anything nefarious had been discussed, surely Rice would let the media know. Surely.

The media has yet to pick up on the irony of this contradiction, and it is also conveniently overlooking this conversation with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in 2012. Then he promised “more flexibility” with Russia after the election.

Note: when CBS News reported on this, Obama’s incredible admission was reported as being “a little too honest” with Russia. Had this been President Trump, however, CBS would be calling for treason charges.

Here is the video.

Still, the media will still call Trump’s conversations as subversive and harmful to the nation, even if his predecessor did the same thing.

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