CRACKDOWN: ICE to Stop ‘Fake Families’ Claiming Asylum at the Border

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has announced a crackdown on what it terms “fake families” as part of a larger effort to stop human smuggling at the U.S./Mexico border.

There have been multiple reports that family units coming to the United States border have children who are not related to the adults claiming them. That has not only raised concerns about human trafficking, but the situation is straining our already-overloaded immigration system. Most of these “fake families” are claiming asylum, an abuse of the system that is allowing many migrants to be released while they await a hearing, where they often disappear.

With ICE’s tweet on Monday, it appears there will be a new effort to stop this abuse of the system. “Fake families are being formed to cross our border and avoid detention,” the tweet read. “ICE #HSI is working with @CBP to stop individuals, networks and organizations facilitating child smuggling and document fraud to illegally enter the U.S.”

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Here is the tweet from ICE.

ICE announced that both personnel and technical resources would be deployed to the border to weed out “fake families” and investigate instances of human smuggling.

“Human smugglers, who endanger the lives of migrants, are exploiting current family loopholes in our immigration system,” additional ICE tweets read. “ICE announces shift in resources and experts to the border to investigate child smuggling and document fraud used to exploit family immigration loopholes. ICE is applying data science to identify, disrupt and dismantle networks of potential unaccompanied children smugglers.”

Most of the migrants in the current surge at the border come from Central America. Illegal immigration from Mexico has actually in on the decline recently, as the economic situation improves there. Drug cartels, however, continue to be a problem.

“What we’re currently doing is surging resources from ICE’s Homeland Security investigations to the border,” acting ICE Director Matthew Albence said in appearance Monday on Fox News. “We’re sending human trafficking experts, document fraud experts, forensic interviewers, victim assistance specialists, because our first and primary goal is the safety and security of these children.”

“These children are being victimized. We know they’re being trafficked, we know they’re being recycled and sent back across the border numerous times to be rented by these cartels and by these organizations to be utilized again and placed with a non-relative adult so that adult can be released because they know that we can’t hold them,” Albence said.

The Department of Homeland Security is now fingerprinting every child under 14 arriving at the border, which they hope will cut down on instances where children are used multiple times with “fake families” claiming asylum by identifying those being trafficked.

The response from those who oppose ICE’s plan accused the agency of racist, inhumane tactics.

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H/T: The Daily Caller


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