Disney World Punishes Marine Veteran Over ‘Trump 2020’ Sign (VIDEO)

A Marine veteran who supports Donald Trump has gotten on the wrong side of Walt Disney World, after he used a banner to display his political leanings.

Dion Cini tested the patience of officials at the Florida park, and now, he’s no longer welcome on the property. In September, Cini was banned from Disney parks after he hung a large banner calling for Trump’s reelection from a balcony in the Magic Kingdom’s Main Street section. Disney has a long-standing policy that protests or political statements are not allowed in their parks.

Here’s a picture of the banner he hung.

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Disney World

Cini, who had held an annual pass to Disney World for over 20 years, was later told the ban had been lifted, as long as he agreed not to hang any more banners or signs.

The veteran, however, wanted to continue to display his support for the President, and on a trip to Disney World last week, he took a small “Trump 2020” banner with him. While on the Splash Mountain ride, he held up the sign so a park camera could capture the moment. He later displayed a “Keep America Great” sign while on the Expedition Everest ride.

Cini claims he thought the smaller sign, which was not easily visible to other park visitors and only briefly displayed, would not be a problem. Disney Park officials felt otherwise, and was banned for life from all Disney properties. Local sheriffs also cited him with a trespass warning, and Cini said 40 park employees escorted him from the park.

Cini claims Disney is overreacting, and says the ban is more about what is on the banner, not that he is displaying a banner. He claims other park visitors have held up banners while on the rides without punishment. Disney countered that their rules against the display of political signage are clear.

Disney has a long history of no tolerance for political statements of any kind in their parks. Earlier this year, a planned “die-in” protest at Disney World organized by David Hogg and other activists was canceled after the park made clear they were not welcomed.

Cini says he is displaying Trump banners at Disney parks because the company openly opposes Trump. Disney owns ABC, ESPN, and Lucasfilm, the studio that makes the Star Wars films.

Here is local news coverage of Cini’s story.

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