FBI Says Former Soldier Planned Bombing Attacks in California – Here’s Why

A former member of the United States Army who served in Afghanistan planned to use a pressure cooker bomb in a domestic terror attack in Southern California, the FBI announced Monday.

Mark Steven Domingo was arrested on Friday by FBI as part of sting operation. They say the Army veteran had recently converted to Islam, and wanted to conduct a terror attack on U.S. soil in retaliation for the New Zealand mass shooting at several mosques.

According to news reports, the FBI had been watching Domingo ever since he began posting hate-filled messages in an online chat room. An undercover agent offered Domingo what he thought was a real pressure cooker bomb, and he took delivery of it, saying he planned to detonate it at a white supremacist rally in Long Beach.

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United States Attorney for California’s Central District Nick Hanna said since his radicalization, Domingo was “consumed with hate and bent on mass murder.” He said Domingo also discussed targeting Jews attending synagogue, police officers, military personnel, and even civilians walking on the Santa Monica Pier.

Domingo also reportedly recorded a video proclaiming his new faith in Islam, and saying America needed another mass shooting like the 2017 Las Vegas tragedy. He said a domestic terror attack on America would give the country “a taste of the terror they gladly spread all over the world.”

The 26-year-old also expressed his desire to join an ISIS cell in America, and his efforts to carry out an attack ramped up after the New Zealand attack, saying there needed to be “retribution.” He even bought three-inch-long nails for the bomb, knowing they would penetrate victims’ bodies and cause severe internal injuries, court documents said.

Mark Steven Domingo

The undercover agent who provided the bomb arrested Domingo after the pair scouted out the best place to put the bomb at the Long Beach rally site.

It is not yet known what sort of punishment Domingo may be facing as a result of the charges.

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H/T: The New York Post



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