Google Engineer Exposes Company’s ‘Outrage Mobs,’ Liberal Bias

A Google engineer has come forward to call out the company for creating a culture that intimidates, suppresses, and punishes conservatives, Christians, and anyone else who doesn’t agree with a liberal worldview.

In a column published on Medium, Mike Wacker detailed a number of instances in which conservative and Republican Google employees were singled out by what he called the company’s “outrage mob.”

He also says Google has tried to push him out, going so far as to offer him a severance package while implying that he would likely be fired.

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“Google has become a company where outrage mobs and witch hunts dominate its culture,” he wrote. “These outrage mobs and witch hunts have become an existential threat not only to Google’s culture internally, but to Google’s trust and credibility externally.”

Wacker says despite claims to the contrary, Google has emboldened the left-wing outrage mob that makes up the majority of the company’s employees. “Google has long claimed to be a nonpartisan company, yet like many other tech companies, they also maintain many policies against ‘hate speech,'” he said.

“So what exactly is the definition of hate speech? Well, let’s just ask the outrage mobs at Google that succeeded. One outrage mob formed when Google sponsored CPAC, and they created an internal petition titled, ‘Google, Don’t Sponsor Hate.’ Another outrage mob formed when Kay Coles James, President of the Heritage Foundation, was appointed to an AI ethics panel, and they created an external petition from a Medium account called ‘Googlers Against Transphobia and Hate.'”

He claims that these mobs now have near-unlimited power at the company. “These outrage mobs against ‘hate’ have become honeypots for toxic, hostile, and uncivil discourse,” he said. “While some of their rhetoric is so outlandish that you have no choice but to laugh it, the psychological effects that these outrage mobs have on their targets is nothing to laugh about.”

Wacker also confirms what we all suspected – this environment dictates what content you see on Google. “These outrage mobs and witch hunts don’t just target outsiders like CPAC and Kay Coles James. They also target insiders and Google’s own employees. But whether the target is external or internal, the goal of these outrage mobs and witch hunts is the same: to control who belongs at Google. More importantly, if you can control who belongs at Google, then you can also control what content belongs on Google.”

outrage mobs

He also says he has been targeted by Google management, after liberal employees became aware of his political beliefs and reported him to his superiors. “I was pulled into a meeting of my own with my management and HR. During that meeting, I received a final written warning, and I received a verbal offer of 8 weeks of severance pay if I left the company,” he said. “That verbal offer of severance was an implied threat of termination. While they never said it explicitly, it was clear that if I didn’t take that offer, they would invent some pretext to fire me shortly thereafter.”

Google employees use the company’s HR department to target conservatives like Wacker. “In terms of controlling who belongs at Google, these outrage mobs and witch hunts have another tool at their disposal when they target an employee of Google: HR complaints,” he said. “Few organizations have as much as power to control who belongs at Google as HR does, and if that power is abused, the consequences will be disastrous.

“Standing up to an outrage mob or a witch hunt is hard enough when HR doesn’t get involved. It gets even harder when you start worrying about whether HR will discipline you, or even worse, when they actually do discipline you.”

Wacker said his problems began after he created a Republican mailing list at Google, in an effort to make the company more inclusive. He said another Google engineer, Blake Lemoine, has led the effort to oust him, even though Lemoine himself has engaged in hate speech, including calling Republican Sen. Marsha Blackburn a terrorist in a Google forum. He has not faced discipline for his words, even while Wacker has.

When Wacker reported Lemoine to Google’s HR department for his repeated treatment and comments towards conservatives, the company said he did nothing wrong.

He makes a dire warning about the future of conservative opinion at Google. “If left unchecked, these outrage mobs will hunt down any conservative, any Christian, and any independent free thinker at Google who does not bow down to their agenda. Anyone who stands up to them will be hounded until they either shut the fuck up or they ‘get the fuck out’. Furthermore, Google HR has clearly shown that they function as an accessory to these witch hunts.”

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