Here’s the Video Beto O’Rourke Hopes You Never See

Beto O’Rourke is the Democratic Irish guy who’s pretending to be Latino and wants Ted Cruz’s seat in the Senate. Just don’t ask him about the skeletons in his closet.

O’Rourke has spent most of his campaign avoiding the issues and trying to build a positive image. It is really his only play, because in a red state like Texas, advocating for higher taxes, more government spending, abortion, and open borders won’t win you many votes. So he’s trying to keep positive, running ads that show him shaking hands and doing anything but talk about his liberal principles.

When he does talk about the issues, he gets plenty of praise – from outside Texas and from celebrities who don’t like Ted Cruz. When O’Rourke recorded a video voicing his support for protesting the anthem, for example, he was lauded by media outlets.

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After airing the video, Ellen Degeneres invited him on his show. Lebron James endorsed him. Former NFL player Arian Foster, who has protested the National Anthem by taking a knee, is campaigning with him.

NowThis News even put his speech to music, creating a viral video for the left.

There’s a lot Beto doesn’t want to talk about, however. That includes his 1995 arrest at the University of Texas El Paso on a burglary charge, when he and some friends jumped a fence and entered a building to pull off some pranks.

The charge was later disposed and he never stood trial. In 1998, he was arrested on a DWI charge, which was later dismissed when he took a class.

The video O’Rourke likely doesn’t want you to see, however, is from his days in a punk rock band. The video is so hilariously bad, it might actually damage his reputation more than his arrest record.

O’Rourke spent most of his time in the band wearing dresses, as the photo below shows, because that’s what rockers do, apparently.

Beto O'Rourke

In 1994, his band Foss even appeared on a local late-night show in El Paso, with a Dave Letterman-wannabe as host. They performed a song – at least they called it a song. After taking their sweet time to start playing (and getting rebuked by the host for it) they finally delivered a musical mess that Twitchy said was so bad, it should disqualify him from serving in the Senate. But if you like watching car wrecks, you’ll laugh your head off.

Beto’s on the guitar, supposedly playing.

Here’s the video. Warning: it’s beyond terrible.

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