Human Smuggler Uses Phone App To Transport Criminal Illegal Aliens – Gets Nailed

The world’s worst human smuggler saw his efforts fail after he tried to transport illegal immigrants using the rideshare service Lyft.

According to reports compiled by The Daily Caller, 17-year-old Jose Vigil (pictured), a resident in the Texas border town of Mission, decided to get into the human smuggling business. After getting in contact with actual smugglers (also known as “coyotes”), Vigil was promised $500 to smuggle two illegal migrants past Border Patrol checkpoints.

Since Vigil did not have a car, he used his mother’s credit card, and his sister’s Lyft app, to order a car from the rideshare service to transport the illegals. And he would have gotten away with it too if it hadn’t been for those pesky police officers.

human smuggling
Jose Vigil (left) and a Lyft car but not the one used in the crime
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After the Lyft driver picked up Vigil on April 5, he directed him to nearby Sullivan City and picked up the two migrants from Guatemala. They were soon stopped by local police, not for anything the passengers did, but because the Lyft driver did not have a front license plate, which is required in Texas.

The driver was questioned by police, and he identified himself as a part-time Lyft driver, a a part-time employee of the local Peter Piper Pizza. Sullivan City police officer Joshua Rodriquez noticed that two of the passengers were wet from the waist down.

“OK, first of all, didn’t it seem kind of off to you that they’re wet from the clothes?” Rodriguez reportedly asked the driver. “That they’re muddy from the shoes. Anything like that?” He continued: “My suggestion to you, man, is if you’re going to be doing this Lyft, at least be mindful of who you’re going to pick up.”

Vigil quickly caved while being questioned, admitting to the truth. The two Guatemalans were taken into custody by Border Patrol agents, and Vigil was arrested and charged with human smuggling, a third-degree felony. He is currently out on bond.

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