Man Threatened to Kill GOP Senators For Supporting Kavanaugh, Authorities Say

A New York man has been arrested and charged with threatening to kill two Republican senators, in retaliation for their support of Judge Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court.

It is not known who the two senators are, but the suspect left voicemails for each of them, threatening to kill them both.

The suspect, Ronald Derisi, is 74 years old and reportedly used a pre-paid phone to call in the threats. He was caught after authorities tracked him down because he used his debit card to buy the phone.

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Derisi reportedly left as many as ten voicemails threatening violence. “It’s a 9 millimeter,” one message reportedly said. “Side of your f***ing skull you scumbag motherf*****. Yeah, Kavanaugh, I don’t think so.”

More voicemails seemed to be directed at the Senator personally. “We’re tired of this guy sucking taxpayers’ money,” another message said. “Getting a free f***ing ride! How many more years you gonna do it? None! He’s a dead man! 9 millimeter, side of the f***ing head! If f***ing Kavanaugh gets in, he’s dead f***ing meat! Actually, even if Kavanaugh doesn’t get in he’s dead f***ing meat. 9 millimeter, side of the head, you f***ing old bastard.”

A voicemail left with the second senator was just as threatening. “You f***ing twit, you better pray this guy don’t get in. You f***ing moron.”

According to TMZ, Derisi reportedly has a history of making threats by phone. He had previously pleaded guilty to making other harassing calls.

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Additional sourcing: Fox 5 NYC


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