Mark Cuban Drops a Truth Bomb on Democrats Running Against Trump (VIDEO)

Billionaire Mark Cuban isn’t ruling out a run for President someday, but had a harsh message for the thousands of Democrats who are seemingly running to unseat President Donald Trump in 2020.

Cuban, the star of “Shark Tank” and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, would consider a run for President as an independent, but it would take a “perfect storm” situation for that to happen.

His most interesting statement, however, came when he assessed the current crop of Democratic presidential candidates. He had a sobering dose of reality for the current hopefuls, highlighting many of the same problems that sunk Hillary Clinton.

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In an interview with Scott Wapner on CNBC’s “Fast Money Halftime Report,” Cuban was asked about the possibility that he would run for President. “We’ll see what happens,” he said. “I’ve said it many times, it would take the perfect storm for me to do it.”

Cuban said his personal life would be the main obstacle to running for president. “You know the definition of bad parenting is running for president when you have three young kids — 9, 12 and 15 — so there are some things that could open the door, but I’m not projecting or predicting it right now.”

When the talk turned to Democrats, however, Cuban showed the harsh candor that has made him a controversial and polarizing figure.

“Who do you think on the Democratic side right now has the best chance against President Trump,” Wapner asked, prompting Cuban to answer with “nobody right now,” throwing a wet blanket over the dozens of candidates who have joined the political fray.

“There’s nobody that stands out,” he bluntly answered. “If you look at the Democratic field, it’s all politicians. And politicians are the least trusted of every profession, and so, you know, it’s just, it’s too early to tell.”

Mark Cuban

The only Democrat he seemed to give any chance to was former Vice President Joe Biden. “I like Vice President Biden; I think he’s smart,” Cuban said. “I think he could do a decent job, but I think it’s way too early to tell.”

Cuban dismissed the crop of career politicians running against Trump, pointing out that the New York real estate tycoon crafted a populist message to upset Hillary Clinton. “I think what people are missing is you know if you look at why people voted for Donald Trump, in my opinion, it was because he was, first and foremost, it was because he wasn’t a politician,” he said.

Cuban also seemed to address the candidates who are veering to the radical left, by endorsing a centrist approach. “I still think there’s a real opportunity for somebody who is, you know, in the middle, has some charisma, has the ability to relate to both sides but is not a politician. The reality is people don’t trust politicians, Period. End of story,” he said.

“It’s hard to look at the ideas the Democratic candidates are proposing and think that they are there any more than just as headline porn to get attention,” Cuban said. “I don’t think they believe what they’re proposing is passable.”

Here is video from Fox News’ “The Five,” which featured Cuban’s comments.

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