Netflix Is Hiring Real Witches – Here’s The Insane Reason Why (VIDEO)

It sounds like a wild internet urban legend, but video streaming giant Netflix did, in fact, hire witches as expert consultants for one of its shows.

The show, “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,” follows a young woman’s journey to becoming a witch. To ensure authenticity in the show’s dark depiction of witchcraft, actual Wicca practitioners were consulted. One of the leading production members is also a practicing Wiccan.

Kiernan Shipka, who portrays Sabrina on the show, told late night host Jimmy Kimmel that Wiccans are on-hand on the set to make sure the details are done right. “We have a few people who are practicing Wiccans,” Shipka told Kimmel. “It’s nice. You feel like you’re making the right moves and doing the right things. You feel like you have some advisory, which is really nice,” she continued. “We’re not all just doing this.” Video of the interview is included below.

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Lifestite News provides more details.

Last fall, Vanity Fair detailed the input of Chilling Adventures’ production designer Lisa Soper, a practicing member of the occult, on the show, including various design elements of the sets such as Sabrina’s home, as well as the various spells the characters perform. She even “put a protection spell on the house,” she said.

Soper told Vanity Fair she started out Catholic, but her family changed faiths multiple times over the course of her upbringing, and as she grew up she took to studying older belief systems. Eventually, she says, she “became completely comfortable and confident” in her occult beliefs after visiting the site of a car wreck that killed a friend who had been driving home from Soper’s birthday party. “I’m not saying ghosts exist, but I felt him — my friend — come to the side (of my car) and say, It’s OK,” she claims.

The show, originally based on an “Archie” comic book, is a reboot of the 90’s family sitcom “Sabrina, The Teenage Witch.” It has become a hit on Netflix, and a second season just premiered on the service this month. Two more seasons have already been ordered.

Here is video of the interview with Kiernan Shipka, in which she makes the Wicca admission.

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