Obama pal Bill Ayers behind the ANTIFA riots at Berkeley

Domestic terrorist Bill Ayers is back to undermining America again. The former college professor and left-wing activist is a leader of Refuse Fascism, one of the groups organizing and supporting the riots at Berkeley and other colleges across the country.

Ayers, a friend of former President Barack Obama, was a member of the Weather Underground, a domestic terror group active in the 1970s. They were responsible for the bombings of New York City Police Department headquarters in 1970, the United States Capitol building in 1971, and the Pentagon in 1972. Ayers admitted to participating in all of those bombings. As authorities pursued him, Ayers went on the run, changing his identity. Eventually, charges against him were dropped after it was revealed the FBI broke the law in their investigation against him.

Now, The Gateway Pundit has outlined Ayers’ involvement with Refuse Fascism. They pointed out a tweet by Jack Posobiec, which first mentioned the connection.

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ANTIFA covers up Ayers’ involvement

The Gateway Pundit then ran this screenshot from the Refuse Fascism website, listing their founders and organizers. Ayers is at the top of the list. The page listing these individuals has since been taken down.

Bill Ayers

On the Refuse Fascism website, it calls on members to resist the “Trump/Pence regime,” and states this as the “danger” a Trump presidency represents.

It is remaking the form of governance in this country so as to close off the ability of anyone – inside or outside of the official halls of power – to challenge or stop them. As long as they are in power, even if they are temporarily pushed back on one front or another, they will continue to slam ahead unless and until they are removed from office. This is all the more underscored by the regime’s extremely aggressive posture and actions, and its openly warlike wielding of nuclear weapons. It is not an exaggeration to say that the fate of humanity may hang in the balance of how we act and when.

It has previously been reported that President Obama is using his D.C. home as a headquarters to organize a Trump resistance. We should be surprised if a link is discovered between Ayers, Refuse Fascism, and Obama himself.

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