Parents Beware: Batman Comic Book Exposes Caped Crusader’s Junk – Mature Content!

A new Batman comic book out today includes a shocking revelation – the Bat-Penis!

And no we aren’t joking.

DC Comics has stirred controversy before by pushing the limits of sexual content in its comics, including making the character of Batwoman a lesbian. Even on television, producer Greg Berlanti, who is gay, broke barriers by introducing LGBTQ characters and storylines into the DC Comics shows Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow.

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Full frontal nudity of a major comic book icon, however, is a new low for the comics company, which like so many other publishers like Marvel Comics, has suffered from low sales of their comic book in recent years, despite the popularity of superhero movies.

Batman’s penis makes his debut in Batman: Damned #1, Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo. It tells supernatural-like story about Batman’s actions after the Joker dies. Published under DC Comics’ Black Label imprint, it is meant to tell adult stories with more “artistic” content.

The problem with that is, the book will be sold alongside other Batman comic books in many comic book shops, including those marketed to children.

We can only show you censored versions of the images, otherwise, we could get in trouble with our various socia media platforms. However, the uncensored images can be seen on IMGUR (click here to see them yourself).

The black blobs cover the Dick Grayson, if you know what I mean.

Batman's penis

DC Comics heavily promoted Batman: Damned, but knew better to swing around Batman’s penis in the promotion.

Eric Shirey with Movie Geek Feed points out the problem with showing Batman’s penis in a comic book – though labeled for adults, retailers and comic book shop owners can easily, even mistakenly, sell these adult comics to children. “Many bookstores like Barnes and Noble or Books-a-Million probably won’t even look in its pages because comic books are for everyone,” he says. “That’s what the status quo thinks.”

He also points out that Batman’s creators would have likely not approved of the move. “I’m PRETTY sure both Bob Kane and Bill Finger would find this gross use of the character they created to be disgusting and deplorable,” he said.

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