Police Accidentally Shoot Antifa Protester in the Head with Flash-Bang Grenade (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

An Antifa protester who was part of a violent riot in Portland Saturday was shot in the head by a flash-bang grenade fired by police. Pictures of the incident are included below, but be warned – they are graphic.

According to the liberal website Raw Story, an Antifa member was taken to a local hospital and treated for a serious head wound, but was not killed. The grenade lodged itself into the helmet he was wearing, and doctors report it was the only thing that kept him from being killed.

The riots broke out after the group Patriot Prayer held a march and rally in Portland on Saturday afternoon, and were met by Antifa protesters.

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After numerous instances of Antifa members throwing objects and attacking both Patriot Prayer members and law enforcement, Portland police announced that they would use “riot control agents and impact weapons” to disperse the crowd.

Antifa members refused to leave, so flash-bang grenades were fired towards the crowd. One, it appears, hit one of the protesters, lodging into the back of his helmet.

Contrary to claims by Antifa, Portland police warned protesters they were going to use the grenades to break up the riot.

Besides a sound truck on-site announcing their intentions, a tweet was also sent out.

ABC News posted video of the riot, as well as flash-bang grenades being fired at the Antifa protesters.

Many of the participants in the Freedom March wore body armor to protect themselves from Antifa protesters, many of whom brought mace, shields, bats, and wooden poles. Portland police said no weapons would be allowed at the march, but it was nearly impossible for the police to enforce the rule with so many people in attendance.

As the march moved on, things deteriorated quickly, leaving police with no choice but to use the flash-bang grenades on at least 1,000 protesters who blocked the march route.

The use of the grenades angered the Oregon ACLU, who announced “To our knowledge, no other police force in America uses crowd control weapons with the regularity of the Portland Police Bureau.”

According to Antifa members who spoke to the press, at least three people were hit by the grenades.

One of those hit was saved by his helmet, which took the brunt of the hit. The grenade shell, however, got lodged in the helmet.

According to the man’s girlfriend, a nurse said the grenade was centimeters away from being a lethal hit. The helmet saved his life.

Raw Story was the first to post the photos.

Warning: the following photos are graphic.


No other word on the protester’s condition is available at this time. He has not yet been identified.

Some Antifa members are furious at the incident. One took to Twitter claiming it was shot at him at point blank range, which did not happen.

Several liberal websites, however, including Think Progress, claim the event was relatively peaceful.

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