President Trump Describes Democrat Protesters As a ‘Mob:’ This Video Proves Him Right

Earlier this week, President Donald Trump referred to the Democratic protesters against Brett Kavanaugh as a “mob.” That statement set off anchors and pundits at CNN, who argued the statement was a gross exaggeration of what they termed “peaceful protests.”

A video by the Washington Free Beacon, which features many of these CNN proclamations, undercuts each claim with video of Democratic protesters actually exhibiting mob behavior. If you’re politically right-of-center, you’ll likely find the video hilarious. If you lean left politically, it will be a bit embarrassing.

At a rally on October 9 in Council Bluffs, Iowa, Trump railed against the Democratic protesters, saying they had become an “angry, left-wing mob” that have become too dangerous to allow to govern.

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Here is video of his statement at the rally.

In the days that followed, CNN made a concerted effort to attack that single line, claiming the President was exaggerating for political gain and mischaracterizing the nature of the protests.

The Free Beacon video, however, seems to support the President’s claims of mob mentality among the Democrats.

It features, among other things, protesters ambushing Republican politicians in the halls of the Capitol Building, and the infamous protest of Sen. Ted Cruz and his wife inside of a D.C. restaurant.

Physical attacks on conservatives are shown, including a pro-life activist being drop-kicked by an abortion supporter; an elderly gentleman being assaulted at a Supreme Court protest, and a woman grabbing signs from Republican students at the University of Texas.

Set against assorted clips of CNN personalities claiming the left-wing protesters are peaceful, including some claims that only Republicans engage in mob-like violence, the video is a powerful condemnation of the current protest tactics employed by Democratic activists.

Check out the video here, which went viral after actor James Woods retweeted it:

Here’s the video, as posted to YouTube.

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