Robert De Niro Mocks Kavanaugh at Children’s Charity Event – Gets Booed [VID]

Robert De Niro has been triggered once again – this time by the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

According to a report by TMZ, De Niro was in Los Angeles Saturday night to receive the Brass Ring Award at the Children’s Diabetes Foundation’s Carousel of Hope, the organization’s annual fundraiser. DeNiro, walking to the podium to accept the award, just couldn’t help himself, cracking a joke about Judge Brett Kavanaugh that went over like a lead balloon on the crowd, according to reports, as he drew boos form the audience.

In a video of his remarks (included below), De Niro warns the crowd “Now, one reminder. The drinks, wine and beer are flowing. But, be careful — if you have too much, you may end up on the Supreme Court.”

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De Niro must have been hitting the bottle himself prior to speaking, as he repeatedly tripped over his lines and could barely say the punchline. The crowd wasn’t impressed, with a mix of some laughter and boos offered in response.

De Niro has been in an angry, aggressive mood ever since Donald Trump was elected. He once demanded that President Trump be banned from sitting on a bench installed in the actor’s honor in New York City (we wish we were kidding about that).

TMZ wasn’t impressed by De Niro’s attempt at humor, calling the joke “sorry” and “lame.” And TMZ is no fan of Trump, for the record, but they know bad comedy when they see it.

And then there was this outburst at the Tony Awards, where he dropped the F-bomb on live TV. Warning: this video is not censored, and not safe for work.

In the video provided by TMZ on his comments Saturday evening, it is difficult to hear all of the audience’s reaction, as a few attendees seated near the person recording found the joke hilarious. According to reports, however, not everyone thought it was funny, and booed De Niro for injecting politics into a non-partisan charity event for sick children.

Here’s the video.

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