These Celebrities All Did Blackface – But Still Have Their Jobs (VIDEO)

In the wake of the firing of Megyn Kelly by NBC over her comments on “blackface,” there is new added scrutiny of notable figures and their handling of the issue.

It may not be surprising that some celebrities have a disturbing history with blackface, but have received little to no backlash for their actions. The situation also exposes a blatant double standard: outspoken liberal celebrities get a pass on controversial, and even offensive behavior.

It only took 48 hours for NBC to ditch Megyn Kelly, the network’s “golden girl” who rocketed to fame at Fox News. Kelly never fit in at NBC because of her conservative views and combative style, and when she seemed to defend the use of blackface on her show, outrage ensued.

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In recent years, it has not been unusual for notable people to have their past misdeeds come back to haunt them. While a number of celebrities accused in the #MeToo movement have lost their careers, other celebs have had their past use of blackface excused by critics.

Among the biggest hypocrites is Jimmy Kimmel, who once donned blackface to mock former NBA superstar Karl Malone.

In a sketch for his Comedy Central show “The Man Show,” Kimmel delivered this cringe-worthy performance – in blackface.

Sarah Silverman once donned blackface for her show “The Sarah Silverman Program.”

Sarah Silverman blackface

Here’s a clip from the skit, which has been largely scrubbed by Comedy Central.

In this clip, she appears to regret doing the sketch, but only because it is often taken out of context.

Even Jimmy Fallon and Ted Danson have performed in blackface, and yet, still have jobs and have not been demonized as Kelly was.

In 2000, Fallon did an impression of Chris Rock on “Saturday Night Live” while in blackface. In 2017, he tried it again at the Golden Globes, without the blackface. It was still terrible.

While “Saturday Night Live” has not released a clip of the sketch, someone got a hold of the video and used it in a mashup of his Golden Globes appearance.

Many are wondering why Kelly’s poor choice of words – in an attempt to discuss the history of blackface – are an offense that causes one to lose their job, while others who actually donned blackface still continue to work.

Post your thoughts on celebrity blackface in the comments section below.

H/T: The Daily Caller


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