VIRAL VIDEO: Guest Calls CNN Fake News – Don Lemon WALKS OFF SET

Recently on CNN Fake News, Don Lemon walked off the set when a guest called them, you guessed it, “Fake News.”

After repeatedly interrupting the guest, telling him that he would “let him finish,” (although he didn’t), he eventually got angry and stormed off while on the air. Here is a full clip below:



The video starts off with Don Lemon and his three carefully vetted guests agreeing with one another:

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Woman 1: “First of all, hypocrisy, which is nothing new when it comes to the Trump administration…”

Don Lemon: “Andre, the Washington Post reports that the Secret Service hotel bill for Eric Trump’s trip to South America last month was nearly $100,000…any concern you think the Trump family’s personal business and lifestyle is costing tax payers a lot of dough?”

Man 1: “Well, you know I’m a fiscal conservative, so yes…no matter whether it’s a Republican or a Democrat, that seems excessive to me…”

What do you know, so far everyone is agreeing with CNN—just the way they like it. Then, Don goes to a third person, to give the seeming appearance that everyone is against Donald Trump’s vacations (despite the fact that Obama took dozens, and the president has one of the most stressful jobs on the planet):

Don Lemon: “Kareem, you say this is hypocrisy?”

Woman 2: “I do, I think it’s completely hypocrisy…he chastised president Obama for going on vacation…and president Obama had less vacation days than his predecessor George Bush…”

Don Lemon: “I want to bring in Paris now, Paris what do you think?”

Uh oh. Here it comes:

Paris Dennard: “I think this is fake news. This is not a news story.” (at 3:28)

Don Lemon: “Tell me what about it is fake, Paris.”

Paris Dennard: “…the president is not breaking any laws and he’s not doing anything il-”

Don Lemon: [interrupts Paris]: “Okay Paris hold on, let me ask you this-”

Paris Dennard: “No, no, no let me finish!”

Don Lemon: [interrupting Paris again]: “No, no I’m gonna let you finish, but do you actually know what the definition of fake news is?”

Get ready, CNN—you set him up for this one:

Paris Dennard: “What we’re doing right now.”

[Frequent interruptions, talking over one another, Don won’t let him finish]

Over the next 60 seconds, Don goes on a rant about how the MSM is 100% “real news,” and doesn’t intentionally deceive anyone. Right, because it isn’t like CNN is notorious for editing clips, cutting people off the air when they disagree, and slandering anyone who they disagree with, right?

Don Lemon: “Please stop it with that stupid talking point that is the fake news story!”

Paris Dennard: “Don, this is a fake news story, in my opinion, because the underlying assumption-”

Don Lemon: [interrupts Paris] “Okay, thanks everyone for watching. Have a great weekend. Good night All.”

So apparently it’s fake news when Info Wars or Silence is Consent shows a video clip and analyzes it, but when CNN cuts someone off, because they disagree with him, that’s not? Yeah, right—give me a break. How dumb do you think the American people are?


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