WATCH: David Hogg Actually Said We Shouldn’t Prosecute Mass Shooters, Here’s Why [VID]

Anti-gun activist David Hogg continues to remind us that he doesn’t really think his rhetoric through before he spews it.

After an anti-Semite took a gun into a Pittsburgh synagogue and killed 11 people, media spin went in two directions: first, there was a call for more gun regulation, as the shooter reportedly used an AR-15-style gun.

Second, there was condemnation directed towards President Donald Trump, as he was accused of inspiring the shooter to violence. Those accusations ignored the fact that the shooter was an anti-Trump fanatic, who often ranted on social media that the President was controlled by the Jews, most notably his son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

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It was Hogg, however, who managed to combine the two talking points into a rhetorical mess. In an interview on MSNBC, Hogg actually advocated that perpetrators of violence should not be the focus of law enforcement, but rather, authorities should pursue those who inspire them.

It is not clear if Hogg actually realized that he was calling on police not to prosecute the gunman in mass shootings like the Pittsburgh tragedy. The interviewer did not challenge his statement, which was an obvious yet awkward attempt to shift the blame to President Trump.

In a pitch to viewers to vote Democrat, Hogg stated Americans should “elect politicians that don’t try to divide and conquer,” and who “attack the sources of evil and not the people that are perpetrating it…we have to go after the sources of evil and not those perpetrating it, contrary to what the President likes to do.”

Here is video of the exchange.

Rather than have him correct his ridiculous statement, the interviewer appears to agree, a reaction that was lambasted on social media.

One Twitter user pointed out how indicative the moment was of the media’s use of talking heads who have no critical understanding of the issues they are discussing.

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