WATCH: Disturbing Video of Kavanaugh Protesters Will Give You the Creeps [VID]

On Friday, as the vote to end debate on the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh neared, protesters were organizing in the halls of the Capitol.

Videos of these protesters are now going viral, because of their odd behavior, that some say is bizarre. Others say it looks as if the protesters are brainwashed, and after seeing the video, you might be inclined to agree.

In the videos, posted to Twitter by Jeff Giesea, organizers are seen giving orders to groups of women. Strangely, the women repeat all of the instructions the organizers say, in an almost robotic manner.

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Commenters to the videos say the women act as if they are brainwashed, as their zombie-like behavior seems concerning. It is not known exactly who the protesters in the videos are.

Before posting the videos, Giesea posted a picture pointing out that protests seem orchestrated and highly organized.

Here was the first video Giesea posted.

A second video posted by Giesea is even stranger, as an organizer tells protesters to target the offices of Sen. Heidi Heitkamp. It’s an odd directive, as Heitkamp had already announced she would be opposing Kavanaugh’s nomination.

One protester even questions the action. “Why? She’s on our side,” a woman says. The organizer ignores her comment.

Here’s the video.

The same organizer, the man with the pony tail, was also caught by Giesea on video yelling at Sen. John Kennedy as he walked to his office. “Go get him!” he directs protesters when they catch sight of Kennedy.

The videos even caught the eye of Donald Trump Jr., who retweeted one with the statement “Outrage without information (or brains) is a dangerous thing.”

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